Organic honey is gaining a great demand in the honey market although it is slightly expensive. Aside from its sweetness, people mostly prefer honey for it is natural, healthier and lower in calories. But, a recent study revealed that most packaged honey today aren’t honey at all making buyers of honey worried about this. The study said that variety of packaged honey today is only similar to corn syrup with honey flavor.

Manufacturers that produce organic honey has to meet a set of organic conditions and standards during honey production including source of nectar, bees management, transportation, foraging area of honey bees, process of honey extracting, packaging materials and processing temperature.

A honey that claims to be natural is tested to guarantee it doesn’t contain remains of environmental pollutants or pesticides. Organic honey farming is as well supposed to meet meticulous and widespread monitoring and testing criteria of a certification body. For example, documentation of, testing samples of honey, regular analysis, consultation with each land user within 5km radius of the organic hives to make sure they are free from chemical residue and many more.

Buying Organic Honey

When you say natural or organic honey, it means that it has not gone through any kind of filtration processes and it perfectly means that the content of natural pollen was retained. It did not only keep the purity of the honey but also the originality of the honey. When you literally know the real source of honey, it is easy to know whether it is safe for consumption or not. Frequently, packaged honey goes through a series of filtration processes, which removes the pollen and damages the natural properties of honey which is good in fighting illnesses.

Organic honey is simply carbohydrates but as well contain vitamins, amino acids, antioxidants and minerals. All these together, they fight against illnesses and also offer relief for allergies. The best mean to determine if the honey you are about to purchase is 100% organic or not is to do a taste-test, if that is possible. Organic honey has a distinct and unique taste of pure nectar and collected pollen in a hive. However, filtration and heating processes done for packaging honey damages its natural taste and makes it more like a mere generic sweetener.

How to Buy Organic Honey?

One best way to buy organic honey is to go shopping on local farms. These farms typically sell raw and fresh honey filled with pollen goodness from various plants. Thus, you will achieve a better quality of honey and at the same time it will also serve many benefits to your health like fighting for allergies and building your immunity.

The best to avoid varieties of packaged honey is to directly buy it from well-known beekeepers that indeed follow high and good quality standards of producing it. Raw honey looks coarser and thicker and with unclear liquid unlike the usual ones you see on bottled glasses of honey on local grocery stores. Hence, if you do not have time to spare looking for a beekeeper to directly buy pure honey, the best option for you is to buy on a local organic store that stocks unrefined honey with detailed and honest labeling.