downloadHoney is highly in demand today because aside from its sweetness, it is also good for the health and for the prevention of allergy risks. People even keep a pot of honey in their cupboard for it works as a remedy for both internal and external healing. It has a natural soother to infections and injuries and also a very healthy alternative to artificial sweeteners or sugar.

But according to a study, most honey sold in USA does not meet quality standards for the stuff and that organic honey in America is highly suspected by experts because beekeepers may do their part, but the honeybees have foraging range of travelling several miles, which makes them exposed to fertilizers, pesticides, and pollutants while they travel back to their hives.

To prevent this kind of case, there is even an organization in America that is dedicated to promote general welfare and common interest of honey producers in the country. They also has their website which works to inform public especially beekeepers with latest news about the industry, convention schedules, membership information and contact information. You can update what are the new developments about beekeeping industry.

History of honey in America

Honey has been a primary raw food for many years. From the biblical times, honey was used as medicinal aid, as a currency and cooking additive. Its name originated from the English word ‘hunig’ and primarily widely used as a sweetener. In addition, it is not only used in beverages and food, but as well as in polishing furniture, making cement, varnishing and as natural healer.

The footsteps of honey bee in America are the same age as the creation of the United States. It took 231 years before the east coast of America has brought honey bee to the west coast of America. Harsh climate, hostile competitors, disease, and geographical barriers stopped the advancement of honey bee on the country.

Buy American honey

If you are to buy an American honey, you must make sure that it is organic and naturally made because for a place as big as America, for sure, there are instances you will encounter others who sold inorganic and as simple as a corn syrup kind of honey. If possible, take a free taste for you will easily distinguish an organic honey from a refined or non-organic one.

But, if you want to be sure the purity of honey and to avoid encountering packaged honey, better to directly buy from certified and well-known beekeepers because they have been following the high standards of producing organic honey. You will see that the organic honey they produced is very different from the commercial ones that you buy in the local market. Organic honey’s characteristics are thicker, coarser and have unclear liquid while honey locally sold in the market has a clear liquid inside when you see its bottle container. You can also go to organic stores where mainly sell pure organic items. You can definitely find organic honey there but be sure to read its labeling and other important details first to make sure it is one good quality of organic honey.